SimpleSoftwareSystems is a small ISV specializing in the areas of 3D visualization and content creation. For over a decade, our time has been devoted almost exclusively to development of the Rhino, SketchUp, Cinema 4D and SolidWorks plugins for Next Limit's Maxwell Render.

Through the development of this diverse collection of plugins, supporting multiple versions of each host platform, multiple OSes, and so forth, as well as working on various other internal projects for Next Limit, we have gained practical experience with a wide range of languages and technologies.

While it has been very rewarding to be responsible for these projects, and to try to maintain a responsive relationship with our end users, this has generally left little time for any side projects.

However, we are now happy to announce the availability of our new MacroIDE plugin for Rhino, which aims to bring efficient and user-friendly editing of macros and scripts to Rhino. We hope that you will check it out and let us know of any feedback you may have.

If you like, please feel free to create an account, in order to be kept up to date on any news (and to access invoices and keys for any licenses you may purchase).