MacroIDE is a minimal yet powerful macro editor for Rhino. It provides a professional-grade code editor featuring syntax highlighting and code-completion for Rhino commands, RhinoScript, and Python, hosted in a dockable Rhino panel.

MacroIDE features comprehensive keyboard-shortcut handling, fine-grained customization, session-to-session persistence, and an integrated Macro Compiler, for easily turning macros into standalone Rhino plugins.

While writing macros in Rhino has always been powerful, MacroIDE makes it efficient, not to mention fun!

While Rhino does provide a macro editor out of the box, it is very primitive, and not especially user-friendly.

MacroIDE, on the other hand, provides a coding experience as enjoyable as it is efficient, through comprehensive support for undo & redo, as well as keyboard shortcuts for selecting, commenting, indenting, searching, and replacing code.

MacroIDE also knows that your macros may in fact contain multiple types of code, from Rhino commands, to RhinoScript and Python, contained within RunScript and RunPythonScript regions. For this reason, its syntax highlighting, code-completion, and commenting strategy are all context-sensitive.

Though MacroIDE is hosted in a docking panel in Rhino, it is also able to be run standalone from your desktop (as shown to the right), should you wish to use it outside Rhino.

Though it aims for minimalism in the code editor interface, MacroIDE does nevertheless support extensive customization. The code editor toolbar may be docked to any edge of the editor window, to best suit how you choose to dock (if you do) the MacroIDE panel itself, which is implemented in Rhino as a dockable panel.

Additionally, MacroIDE provides the opportunity to change many aspects of the code editor itself, from the font and color theme (predefined light and dark themes are provided out of the box), to behaviors relating to the use of tabs, whether or not whitespace is indicated, and so forth, as are commonly found in professional IDEs.

Many of the keyboard shortcuts may also be customized, allowing you to tailor the behavior of MacroIDE to match that of your other favorite IDEs. Similarly, syntax highlighting may also be customized to match your personal preferences.

And of course, once you have found just the right combination of options, MacroIDE allows you to save them to a file, whether to be shared, or just loaded again at a later time.

MacroIDE persists your code in three separate ways.

First, when you first open Rhino, MacroIDE remembers the code you were writing in the previous session.

Second, it saves your code in Rhino documents when they are saved, and then reads it back, when they are opened.

And third, it provides a feature called Global Macros (shown at right), which allows you to easily save code, and recall it later, without having to use the file system directly.

This can be very useful when prototyping, or working on several related macros, or just as a way of stashing the current state of the code, before you try making some changes that may or may not end up working out.

And of course, even if you load completely different code into the editor, Undo is always just a click away.

MacroIDE also provides a Macro Compiler, for encapsulating your scripts into standalone Rhino plugins.

This can be very advantageous if, for example, you are someone in your organization who is responsible for providing custom macros and scripts for others, since it removes the possibility that your end users might inadvertently damage the script youa€?ve written.

And even if you are a solo Rhino user, there is just the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your work, once done, has no chance of having to be re-done.

MacroIDE is compatible with Rhino 5 and 6 (Windows only); the current version can be downloaded here:

And, the current PDF documentation may be viewed here:


To install, simply unzip the download and run the installer program; MacroIDE will be installed and registered with any detected versions of Rhino. The MacroIDE toolbar should be shown on its first startup, but if not, just right-click on any toolbar area in Rhino and enable the MacroIDE toolbar. When you right-click in the toolbar area of a Rhino tab-panel, you should find there is a new MacroIDE panel available.

It is not necessary to purchase a license to use MacroIDE; it will run in trial mode for a period of twenty days from the time it is first loaded into Rhino. After the trial period has expired, MacroIDE will continue to run, but various features will be disabled. To unlock them again, just purchase a license, click the Activate item in the MacroIDE context menu, and enter your license information.

The price for an individual MacroIDE license is $30.00 USD. MacroIDE is licensed on a per-user basis: as a license holder, you are personally entitled to use it on any machine.

MacroIDE purposefully employs none of the typical complicated schemes for detecting over-use, as these cannot help but add complication, ultimately harming the paying customer in a non-zero number of cases, since by definition, such schemes must necessarily err on the side of denial-of-use.

Our hope is that you will appreciate our customer-first approach to this, and repay our trust by helping us to protect our software against unauthorized use.

To purchase a license, just click the PayPal button below. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make your purchase.

Upon completion of payment, an invoice will be shown below with your license key. The invoice will also be sent to the email address you provide to PayPal (and also to the email you registered with on this site, if you are registered).

NOTE: we strongly recommend logging into your account on this site before purchasing, as this will allow you to come back at any time and retrieve your invoice and license key.

Colorado -- Shortly after his first season with the Twins came to a close in late September, Phil Hughes called his agent, Nez Balelo, to ask him to look around the possibility of an extension.

YOUTH Jacob MacDonald Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Hughes enjoyed his or her first season in Minnesota, and the ball started rolling on an extension in mid-November, while his agent met together with Twins representatives at the twelve-monthly General Managers Meetings.

Anton Lindholm Colorado Avalanche Jersey New Season Home/Away Online Sale

Hughes, 30, was rewarded Monday using a three-year extension worth $42 million which brings his total contract benefit to $66 million over 6-8 years, including last season, when His made $8 million. Gaines, who was slated to make $8 zillion in both 2015 and '16, will now make $9.2 million each of those years prior to making $13.2 million per season through 2017-19.

YOUTH Alex Newhook Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

The extension essentially makes Hughes' commitment a five-year, $58 million deal, the actual richest for a pitcher throughout club history, surpassing Ervin Santana's five-year, $55 trillion deal signed earlier this month.

Hughes about his 2014 season MIN@DET: Hughes in setting strikeout-to-walk record9/25/14: Phil Hughes discusses his Major League record 11.63 strikeout-to-walk ratio and switching down a chance to pitch to get a $500k bonus

'We've brought Phil over here after the The year 2013 season and everything perceived to click for both parties therefore that's the reason for this extension,' Twins general manager Terry Ryan stated. 'He did his part and after this we're doing our portion. Everything seems to be in order as well as Phil is in the prime of his career.'

Semyon Varlamov Colorado Avalanche Jersey New Season Home/Away Online Sale

In Hughes' first year with Minnesota, the right-hander went 16-10 with a 3.52 ERA, 186 strikeouts and just Of sixteen walks in a career-high 209 2/3 innings. His had an essential League-best 0.7 walks each nine innings last season as well as set a single-season Major League record with an 11.63 strikeout-to-walk proportion.

YOUTH Samuel Girard Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'I felt very comfortable below,' Hughes said. 'I sensed like this was a place exactly where I could strive for years to come and that i really wanted to be a part of this team and the direction it's going.'

Twins expand Hughes through 2019 Twins GM Ryan, Hughes discuss agreement extensionTwins GM Terry Ryan and Phil Christie discuss the pitcher's three-year contract extendable that keeps him in Minnesota through 2019

Hughes signed like a free agent with Mn in December 2013, agreeing to a three-year deal worth $24 trillion. Hughes fell just one away short of earning a $500,000 bonus last season, and then His declined to pitch out of your bullpen in the last series of the season to attain the bonus, saying it wouldn't have got felt right. Ryan stated it showed a lot about Hughes' personality, and was happy Hughes was willing to work out a part despite being under contract for two more seasons.

YOUTH Ian Cole Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'I think everybody would acknowledge the actual closer you get to free company, the tougher it is to the parties to get together using a reasonable deal,' Ryan said. 'But Phil was comfortable right here. We were comfortable with him. He's been an ideal fit for people.'

Bollinger on Hughes' extension Bollinger analyzes Hughes' three-year extensionTwins news reporter Rhett Bollinger joins Matt Waymire and Jim Duquette to discuss why Minnesota decided to extend Phil Hughes' contract

Entering 2014, Hughes was forthcoming off a season in which His posted a Five.19 ERA in One hundred forty five 2/3 innings with the Yankees. The right-hander incorporates a career 4.32 Years in 990 1/3 innings, and His was a good All-Star in '10 with New York.

YOUTH Joonas Donskoi Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

He won a World Series identify with the Yankees in '09, as well as said His believes the particular Twins are heading in the right direction or else His wouldn't have re-signed with the pub.

YOUTH Cale Makar Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'From what I saw last year, we have the makings to be a great club,' Hughes claimed. 'I didn't want it to be where I came in for three many years, kind of saw this team get back on the right track after which said, 'Thanks for everything. Thanks for having faith in me, but view you later.' I wanted for being part of this for years to come, and I believe in the process and the direction that this crew is going. I'm just very excited that I know I will be a part of that change.'

In last week's piece, we examined the best stats to study when picking pitchers for the Official Mini Dream Game of These days, let's turn our awareness of the bats.

YOUTH Philipp Grubauer Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

As with begging stats, not all hitting statistics are created equal. The two primary types of stats are explanatory and predictive. Explanatory stats, such as playing hockey average, explain past situations, while predictive stats -- such as Measured On-Base Average -- can help make correct predictions. The latter type of gambling have the most use in day-to-day fantasy hockey.

Logan O'Connor Colorado Avalanche Jersey New Season Home/Away Online Sale

The key to picking hitters in the Official Little Fantasy Game of is to maximize your points ceiling. Let's examine some of the best statistics with which to assess batters with their potential uses.

YOUTH Matt Nieto Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Batted-Ball Profile
A hitter's batted-ball profile may be the percentage breakdown of his ground-ball, fly-ball and also line-drive counts. In terms of creating extends, you want your hitters to be able to record a high number of series drives and fly golf balls relative to how often they strike the ball on the ground. A new line-drive percentage over 20 percent will be above average.

YOUTH Hunter Miska Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

You can use a hitter's batted-ball page to help determine whether he's definitely hot. Similarly, it can help an individual discern whether His is inside a prolonged slump or just a slide that's bound to finish soon. If a red-hot hitter will be tallying many ground balls, it may suggest he's not swinging your bat quite as well as the recent success suggests. Likewise, a cold hitter who is making good contact with a decent line-drive rate is likely to snap out of his slump in the near future.

YOUTH Gabriel Landeskog Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Isolated Power (ISO)
Another announc to utilize when selecting batters for your Official Mini Fantasy Game of is Isolated Power. ISO is a measure of any hitter's raw power and his power to hit for extra bases.

YOUTH Erik Johnson Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

ISO provides great predictive value in the Formal Mini Fantasy Game of because it's a good proxy for home run potential. You may recall that your hitters must belt long balls for you to succeed in the Official Mini Dream Game of, which often awards many points for homers. In this game, getting advantage is the key to succeed.

YOUTH Matt Calvert Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

ISO can help you predict home runs and other extra-base strikes even better than looking at earlier home runs. If you were to look at a player such as J.M. Hardy, you could be misled by the fact that His has yet to go deeply in 2014. His career ISO can be slightly above average, though, indicating that while Hardy might not possess the power His once exhibited, he's still probably a considerable play, especially for his price in the Official Mini Imagination Game of Why? Because his current home run count isn't reflective regarding his true power.

YOUTH Nazem Kadri Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Weighted On-Base Common (wOBA)
wOBA is a catch-all stat that efforts to adjust batting average according to how much each type of strike -- a single, double, triple, as well as home run -- actually helps an the offense score runs. That makes it a better stat than batting average -- which treats all visitors the same -- and slugging percentage, which doesn't accurately weight extra-base hits.

YOUTH Nathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

An typical wOBA is in the range of .315 to .320. By studying wOBA (including current wOBA), you can get a sense of a hitter's general ability or how well His has been swinging the bat.

YOUTH Tyson Jost Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

However, understand that singles, doubles and triples usually are less helpful than a home run in the Official Mini Imagination Game of

Colorado, Fla. -- The expectations are still there for Marcell Ozuna, the always encouraging and often energized Marlins outfielder. The 23-year-old entered Spring Training as the frontrunner to win the center-field career.

But now, 13 days prior to the season opens against the Rockies with Marlins Park, execution will go a considerable ways in determining whether Ozuna breaks or cracks camp with the club.

Ozuna is now working with hitting coach Candid Menechino on ironing out several wrinkles in his swing. It's actually a process.

YOUTH Semyon Varlamov Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Among his issues is getting his front foot down more quickly, and eliminating some extra actions before taking his stride.

'It looks like just a timing issue,Inch Marlins manager Mike Redmond said. 'He's been recently working with Frankie trying to make the corrections.'

Whatever the factors, Ozuna is hitting .120 (5-for-37) this spring.

Girls Mikko Rantanen Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

In the interim, the Marlins are using several different combos in center field. Mike Marisnick got the start in middle field on Tuesday against the Astros, anf the husband continued to impress, getting personals in each of his very first three at-bats in Miami's 8-1 victory.

The Marlins are usually off on Wednesday.

YOUTH Ray Bourque Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Over these types of past few days, Ozuna has had a chance to work more on his move. Redmond is hopeful a couple of days fiddling and relaxing will help get Ozuna primed to make a push within the final few Grapefruit League games.

'I still expect him to be out there on Cracking open Day,' the administrator said. 'We want to see him go out there and continue to play. We love what he did a year ago. You don't always judge on Spring Training results, likewise.'

Redmond points out often that all it takes is one at-bat for something for you to click.

YOUTH Milan Hejduk Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'I'm hopeful he will be able to go out, just for his own intellect, and get a few hits as well as lowering some of that pressure,Inches Redmond said.

The Marlins still regard Ozuna to be a big part of their long term. He's athletic, has a robust throwing arm in the outfield and supplies power potential.

YOUTH Ryan Graves Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

That said, though Ozuna was the frontrunner entering Spring Training, the golf club is prepared to go with other options.

YOUTH Jonathan Bernier Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'We're intending to make sure we make a decision that is best for the team in dancing and winning ballgames,' Redmond explained.

Marisnick has enjoyed a strong Springtime Training. But like Ozuna, he's also working on his move.

There is a chance Marisnick and Ozuna each start off at Triple-A New Orleans, with Christian Yelich moving from remaining to center field.

Girls Darren Helm Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

In that will scenario, left field could possibly come down to a possible platoon situation along with Brian Bogusevic and Reed Johnson, the non-roster invitee who is making a strong case to secure a spot.

At now, it's all speculation, because there is here we are at Ozuna to get himself straightened out simply by March 31.

YOUTH Peter Forsberg Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'It's their determination,' Ozuna said. 'I feel I can make it [in center field].'

The Marlins promoted Ozuna coming from Double-A Jacksonville in late April final season after Giancarlo Stanton strained his or her hamstring. Ozuna certainly showed sensations as a rookie in The year 2013, batting .265 with three property runs and 32 RBIs with 70 big league game titles. But his season seemed to be cut short due to a still left thumb injury sustained in late July, which required surgical procedures.

Ozuna healed in time to get some work in playing winter soccer ball in the Dominican Republic.

'In winter ball, I was feeling pretty good,In . Ozuna said. 'I was taking good at-bats there.'

Girls Gabriel Landeskog Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

'He's a worker,' Redmond stated. 'He works his butt off. These guys are out there working together with Frankie. They're watching video. Trust me, everybody wants to be successful. There are so many fellas trying to help.'

Colorado Avalanche' second inside-the-park homer this thirty day period gave the Rockies a ninth-inning direct and a thrilling 5-4 victory within the Giants on Saturday.

It furthermore made Barnes the first player having two inside-the-parkers in the same calendar month since Ruben Sierra did so with August 1987.

YOUTH Anton Lindholm Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

In fact, Barnes could be the first player to hit two inside-the-park home runs in the identical season since 2010, in the event the Padres' Tony Gwynn Jr. did so. Barnes' first 360-foot dash of the year came in the June 5 victory up against the D-backs.

But while two inside-the-park shots in 10 days is certainly a rare feat, several players have done and so over a shorter timeframe. Sierra reach his two home goes in a span of three days -- the 1st coming on Aug. 25, 1988, and the second on August. 27.

YOUTH Dennis Gilbert Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

A year earlier, Jorge Orta circled the particular bases on an inside-the-park homer with June 26 and managed it again on July Only two.

Later in that 1986 season, Twins shortstop Greg Gagne upstaged Orta -- and everybody else since 1972 -- through hitting inside-the-park homers in consecutive at-bats connected with an Oct. 4 contest up against the White Sox. Gagne hit his property runs in the second and also fourth innings off Chicago's Floyd Bannister, making him the only real player in the last 41 times with two inside-the-parkers in the similar game.

YOUTH Mikko Rantanen Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Prior to Gagne, White Sox initially baseman Dick Allen was the last person to accomplish the feat. His or she did so in a White Sox-Twins video game started by Minnesota Hallway of Famer Bert Blyleven on July 31, 1972. Allen hit inside-the-park homers in both the foremost and fifth innings of an 8-1 White Sox victory.

YOUTH Pierre-Edouard Bellemare Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

With smaller stadiums, more practiced outfielders and, perhaps, less-daring baserunners, the inside-the-park homer has become a rare gem in main League hockey. But workplaces when it was almost common.

YOUTH Nikita Zadorov Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Cincinnati's Sam Crawford hit a record A dozen inside-the-park shots in a single season way back in 1901. Eight years later, Ty Cobb set the American Nfl record with nine.

YOUTH Valeri Nichushkin Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Tom McCreery with the Louisville Colonels became the first player together with three inside-the-parkers in a single game inside 1897 -- a record that still stands. McCreery took part in 140 games that year, and His only recorded 2 homers in the other 139 combined.

More not long ago, outfielder Willie Wilson -- who spent most of his career with the Royals -- is the all-time leader for inside-the-park home goes in the post-war era. Wilson had 14 during his 19-year career, including equally a leadoff and a walk-off shot.

Girls Cale Makar Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

The past player to hit a walk-off shot without clearing the fence seemed to be the Giants' Angel Pagan against the Rockies previous May 25. Perhaps fittingly, it turned out Pagan who misplayed Barnes' line generate on Saturday, allowing it to reach the wall after His dove along with missed the ball.

YOUTH Colin Wilson Colorado Avalanche Home, Away, Third Jersey

Among active players, Philadelphia's Jimmy Rollins currently leads with four inside-the-parkers. After Saturday, Barnes is halfway to Rollins' mark in support of 53 shy of capturing the legendary Jesse Burkett, whom played from 1890-1905 and hit Fifty-five in his career.

Forget 511 wins or 2,632 consecutive games competed. Burkett's is a record that would definitely appear to be safe for quite a while.

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